East Asia Partnership

Our Goal

In the Winter of 2019 Cru Chicago began it’s new partnership with East Asia.  It’s our prayer that we’ll be able to send the first STINT team from Chicago to spend a year in East Asia reaching the university students there with Gospel and starting a movement to transform the city.

About East Asia

More to Come!

What’s Next

This year we’ll have two opportunities to go to East Asia as we lay the groundwork for our partnership and for a movement of students there. (More info to come!)

1) Spring Break Trip – You an invest your spring break reaching out to students in East Asia and decoding the campuses there.

2) Summer Mission – You can be a part of our first Summer Mission in East Asia.  This will be an opportunity to spend 4 -6 weeks of your summer really learning the culture and what students are like as well as finding and reaching students who could be the leaders of the movement in the city.